Rapidly-absorbed exogenous amino acids complex
  • Features
    • Supplements 9 amino acids that the body cannot produce by itself
    • Exogenous amino acids are necessary to build their own proteins
    • Contains only unbound amino acids and additional beta-alanine
  • Active ingredients

    1 Sachet: EAA+ COMPLEX [L-leucine 1500,00 mg; L-lysine HCl 875,00 mg; L-valine 750,00 mg; L-isoleucine 750,00 mg; beta-alanine 750,00 mg; L-phenylalanine 725,00 mg; L-threonine 600,00 mg; L-histidine 275,00 mg; L-methionine 200,00 mg; L-tryptophan 75,00 mg].



Instant branched amino acids and L-glutamine complex
  • Features
    • Supplements the branched amino acids and L-glutamine, which together form nearly 60% of dry muscle mass
    • As much as 5 g BCAA and 2 g of L-glutamine per serving
    • Contains added citrulline malate and taurine
  • Active ingredients

    1 Sachet: QUICK 2:1:1 BCAA MATRIX [L-leucine 2500,00 mg; L-valine 1250,00 mg; L-isoleucine 1250,00 mg]; STRONG AMINO SUPPORT [L-glutamine 2000,00 mg; citruline malate 1000,00 mg; taurine 1000,00 mg; vit. B6 2,00 mg].



Multi-component supplement for athletes’ bones and joints
  • Features
    • Recommended for hard-training people exposed to increased risk of injury
    • Contains up to two types of collagen – type I and type II, which are part of the bone and cartilage structures
    • Provides innovative microcapsules of omega-3, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid
  • Active ingredients

    1 Sachet: hydrolyzed collagen type I. 6000,00 mg; MEG-3® POWDER – microencapsulated fish oil 2000,00 mg [of which omega-3 fatty acids 360 mg, EPA 108,00 mg and DHA 72,00 mg]; glucosamine sulphate 2 KCl 500,00 mg; hydrolyzed collagen type II. 500,00 mg; chondroitin sulphate 200,00 mg; vit. C 120,00 mg; hyaluronic acid 20,00 mg.



Extremely efficient and powerful pre-workout supplement
  • Features
    • Provides the strong stimulation necessary during particularly strenuous workouts
    • Unique composition of beta-alanine, citrulline, arginine, and agmatine with a large dose of pure caffeine
    • Contains 3 forms of creatine, which increases physical performance in Functional Training
  • Active ingredients

    1 Sachet: PRO ENERGY BLEND [beta-alanine 2000,00 mg; citruline malate 1500,00 mg; L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate 1000,00 mg; taurine 1000,00 mg; L-tyrosine 500,00 mg; L-carnitine tartrate 500,00 mg; caffeine anhydrous 200,00 mg]; CREA WOD BOX [creatine monohydrate 2500,00 mg; tri-creatine malate 2000,00 mg; creatine hydrochloride 500,00 mg].



Advanced protein complex with a unique composition
  • Features
    • High in protein, which promotes the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
    • A combination of 4 raw proteins of the highest biological value
    • Contains beef protein isolate and concentrate, isolate and whey protein hydrolysate
  • Active ingredients

    1 Sachet: Energy value 438 kJ/116 kcal; Fat 2,19 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0,74 g; Carbohydrates 0,84 g, of which sugars 0,72 g; Protein 23,32 g; Salt 0,48 g. Active ingredients (per 1 sachet): CROSS-4 PROTEIN BLEND [whey protein concentrate; beef protein hydrolysate; whey protein isolate; whey protein hydrolysate] 94,65%.



Specialist supplement supporting hormonal balance. For use before bedtime
  • Features
    • AOL contains an amino acid formula with additional L-tryptophan and L-theanine, and a high dose of DAA
    • Supplements Zinc, which helps to maintain a normal testosterone level in the blood, as well as magnesium
    • Recommended for supplementation before bed time, especially after exhausting evening workouts
  • Active ingredients

    1 Sachet: AMINOSOMNIA BLEND [L-arginine hydrochrloride 2000,00 mg; gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) 1500,00 mg; L-ornithine alphaketoglutarate 1000,00 mg; L-lysine hydrochrloride 1000,00 mg; L-tryptophan 1000,00 mg; L-theanine 200,00 mg]; PRO-T MATRIX [D-aspartic acid (DAA) 1000,00 mg; magnesium 375,00 mg; zinc 15,00 mg; vit. B6 7,00 mg].



Vitamin & Mineral supplement for hard-training athletes
  • Features
    • Includes an increased doses of vitamins and minerals, shortages of which can appear with constant regular exercise
    • Large portion of B vitamins and antioxidants
    • Supplemented with revitalizing plant extracts, citrus bioflavonoids and coenzyme Q10
  • Active ingredients

    1 Sachet: MINERAL STACK [magnesium 187,50 mg; zinc 15,00 mg; iron 14,00 mg; manganese 2,00 mg); copper 1,00 mg; iodine 150,00 µg; selenium 55,00 µg; molybdenum 50,00 µg; chromium 40,00 µg]; VITALITY SUPPORT [guarana extract [22% caffeine] 455,00 mg; citrus bioflavonoids extract [50% hesperidin] 200,00 mg; korean ginseng extract [10% ginsenosides] 100,00 mg; american ginseng extract [5% ginsenosides] 50,00 mg; coenzyme Q10 10,00 mg]; VITAMIN STACK [vit. C 300,00 mg); niacin 36,00 mg); pantothenic acid 26,00 mg; vit. B6 23,40 mg); vit. B2 21,40 mg; vit. B1 21,10 mg; vit. E 12,00 mg; folic acid 360,00 µg; biotin 70,00 µg; vit. B12 22,50 µg].