Lift like
a champion.

Hard work you will be proud of.

Perseverance, consistency and determination are the characteristics of champions. You know you have to sacrifice a lot to become one. Just like Dmitry Klokov – World and European Champion and Olympic medalist. Together we have created a CrossTrec Dmitry Klokov LIMITED EDITION product line. These supplements are designed for champions. For people who give their all regardless of any circumstances.

We have used the best ingredients to support your way to the top. Before, during and after training. CrossTrec Dmitry Klokov LIMITED EDITION contains products for people who are thinking about improving their results at every moment.  And on a day-off from training … all they think about is training. If you put your whole heart into the sport, like Dmitry does, this product line is for you.



  • all athletes – beginners, intermediate, experts
  • people willing to improve physical condition and efficiency
  • people willing to loose weight and shape their body
  • for people working out to improve their sport performance

Dmitry Klokov

Russian Olympic weightlifter

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia. Dmitry won the silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, with a total of 423 kg. He’s also medalist of World and European Championships. President of Russian Strength Sports Association. Nowadays Dmitry conducts seminars and trainings around the world teaching all athletes how to lift like a champion.